Real Estate Commission Rebate

Real Estate Commission Rebate Program Terms and Conditions

Earn a rebate of the Buyer’s Agent Commission when you register and comply with the following Terms and Conditions of the Cash Back Rebate Program.

  • If you currently have an agreement in writing with another Realtor to represent you as a Buyer’s Agent, please disregard this program. It is not our intention to interfere with that relationship.
  • Fully executed Purchase Agreement must be dated within 7/1/11-12/31/11.
  • The rebate will be 1% of the final purchase price, less concessions.
  • The Real Estate Commission Rebate program is available only to Buyers who close and have final settlement with Adore Realty, Inc. acting as their sole and exclusive Buyer’s Agent in the purchase of real estate.
  • The Cash Back Rebate Program Terms and Conditions must be completed, signed and in the possession of Adore Realty, Inc. before any rebate will be issued.
  • In the event that a referral fee or commission must be paid to any third party on the sale of the property thus reducing the amount of commission received by Adore Realty, Inc., then the rebate to Buyer will be reduced by the amount of the referral fee or the commission paid to said third party. Timeshare exclusions apply, please note this rebate is for first part owners only and the referral fee or rebate does not apply to timeshare resellers ,advertising and rentals
  • The Cash Back Rebate will be paid only to the party or parties named as the “Buyer(s)” or “Borrower(s)” on the HUD-1 Closing statement and cannot be disbursed to a third party.
  • Buyer acknowledges that Buyer’s cost basis in the real estate shall be lowered by the amount of the rebate. Adore Realty, Inc. makes no further representation regarding the tax treatment of the rebate. No taxes will be withheld from payment. Please consult your qualified tax advisor for more information.
  • It is the Buyer’s responsibility to disclose the cash rebate to their mortgage company representative at the earliest possible date. Incentives may not be permitted in connection with certain loan programs for the Buyer. Please consult your lender regarding whether or not you can collect the incentive in connection with your loan.
  • Adore Realty, Inc. reserves the right to pay the rebate to home Buyer in one of the following forms:
    • Paying closing costs and/or pre-paid items on the HUD-1 Final Settlement Statement
    • In any other form as determined in Adore Realty, Inc.’s sole discretion based on the needs or requirements specific to the closed transaction.

Our Real Estate Commission Rebate program is subject to conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notice. For more details, please contact us.